Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Regular and the Special edition?
The Regular edition features the whole movie which can be watched only online with media streaming quality; the Special edition is and ISO image of the commercial DVD and lets you create your own DVD disk which you can then play on your TV and/or computer through your DVD player/s.

Will you ship my DVD to my address?
No, we don't ship DVDs. You buy an ISO image of a DVD movie and you can burn that image to a recordable DVD disk, re-creating the DVD by yourself. In this way you can get the DVD istantaneously and without the hassle and expenses of shipping.

Can i play the DVD on my TV?
Yes, the DVD created with the ISO image can be played on your computer and/or on your TV screen through your DVD player.

Does the DVD feature a menu and credits?
Yes the DVD created from the ISO image functions exactly like a classic DVD and it features menu and credits.

How do i create my own DVD from the ISO image?
In 3 easy steps: 1)Download the ISO image, 2)Download the burning software, 3)Burn the ISDO image to a recordable DVD using the burning software. Detailed instructions can be found on the downloads protected area which you will have access to istantaneously after your payment has been processed.

Who process your payments?
Industry's leaders Epoch are our authorized sales agent and they process the payments.

I need assistance; how can i get in touch with you?
You can find a link to Contact Us at the bottom of this and every page of the website.

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